how to get your drivign license fast


If you want to obtain a driver’s license, the first thing you should check is if you meet the requirements established by the regulations. You can review the characteristics of each license and the associated requirements by clicking here. Remember that the driver’s license must be obtained in the commune where you reside.

If the license requires the completion of a course in a Driving School (or if you want to do a course, in the case of classes B and C), it is recommended to take it preferably in the same commune where you will begin its processing, due to that they must provide you with the vehicle to take the practical driving test. You can find information about Driver Schools at the following link for the best driving lessons tips.

You can prepare the theoretical exam through the official study material freely available from CONASET at this link.

Once you meet the requirements to start the process, it is recommended to consult the municipality to find out their hours and modality of attention since they can attend in order of arrival or by scheduled time. Visit the website of the municipality or consult to be sure what documentation they ask for to prove residence and schooling.

Obtaining process

In the municipality they will carry out tests to determine your visual capacity, hearing capacity, reaction capacity and coordination; a medical interview and theoretical and practical exams (one of each per license class to which you apply). In addition, to qualify the moral suitability, the Director of Transit and Public Transportation of the municipality will have in view the Background Report issued by the Central Cabinet of the Civil Registry and Identification Service and the report of the National Registry of Drivers. Once you pass all the exams, the municipality begins the preparation of the driver’s license, which is signed by the Director of Traffic and delivered to you. After the license is issued, the municipality has a period of 5 business days to inform the Civil Registry and Identification Service to include your license in the Drivers Registry.

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